Related Field or Minor

Related Field or Minor Field Requirements

Most of the English MA Emphases require related field or minor field courses, and for that external field to be part of the comprehensive exams. (See the Program's Requirements At a Glance).

Candidates for the MA in English can fulfill the related field requirement—or complete a minor—by taking 6 or more credits selected from the Linguistics courses listed below. Courses taken to fulfill the related field or minor requirement must in be addition to Linguistics courses taken as part of the major in English.

Planning the Program

Graduate students in English planning to offer Linguistics as an internal related field or minor are advised to take Linguistics courses from different faculty members and from different disciplines whenever feasible. Students should be guided by their advisers in selecting appropriate courses.

Linguistics as a Related Field or Minor

For an internal related field or a minor in Linguistics, students must choose 6 or more credits from the following list:

  • ANTH 4628: Language and Culture (3 cr)
  • ENGL 5802: English Language for Educators (4 cr)
  • ENGL 5811: Introduction of Modern English (4 cr)
  • ENGL 5821: History of the English Language (4 cr)
  • LING 5195: Special Topics (3 cr)
  • LING 5400: Sociolinguistics (3 cr)
  • LING 5852: Practicum in Teaching Linguistics (3 cr)
  • LING 8500: Graduate Seminar (3 cr)
  • LING 8591: Independent Study in Linguistics (1-3 cr)

Literacy and Rhetorical Studies Minor

The interdisciplinary graduate minor in Literacy and Rhetorical Studies (LRS) offers opportunities to interrogate issues related to rhetoric, writing and literacy, and to do so with faculty members drawn from disciplines across the Duluth and Twin Cities campuses of the University. Students craft individualized programs that complement their degree programs and open new perspectives for scholarship and teaching.

Examining Committees

The examining committees for graduate students in English will consist of three faculty representing the major and one faculty representing the internal related field or designated minor. The internal related field or minor examiner may not serve as Chair or committee member for the major.

The following instructors are members of the graduate faculty in Linguistics and may serve as the related-field representative on examining committees:

  • Dr. Chongwon Park, Department of Writing Studies
  • Dr. William Salmon, Department of Writing Studies

Equipment and Resources

The UMD Linguistics program is supported by equipment and resources in the Library and Learning Resources Center on the UMD Campus.

Equipment available to students includes camcorders, a production room, video playback units, cassette and reel-to-reel tape recorders, and a variety of projection equipment. Campus computer systems have SAS, SPSS, BMDP, and S Programs. UMD holdings in the LLRC include approximately 100 audio-visual titles on Language, Linguistics, History of the Language, Dialects, and Orthography. There is also a copy of the field records of the Dialect Atlas of the Upper Midwest along with copies of most of the tape recordings related to this. The Library on the Duluth campus subscribes to approximately 30 journals specializing in the study of Language, Linguistics, and Philology.