To be considered for the Matti Kaups Scholarship, typically a UMD student must:

  • be entering their concluding year of undergraduate study at UMD;
  • be a fulltime student in good academic standing;
  • be majoring in ESG;
  • maintain a GPA of 3.0 or higher

Preference will be for students who hope to pursue graduate level studies once they achieve their undergraduate degree.

Process for Nominating/Selecting a Recipient(s) of the Matti Kaups Scholarship Award:

  • Scholastic achievement based on GPA is primary selection criteria;
  • GPAs for ESG majors entering their senior year are compared;
  • Consideration is given to students who have completed a greater number of geography courses and have a higher GPA in these courses;
  • Faculty may nominate ESG majors who they believe have achieved outstanding scholastic success;

The award recipient by the first week in April each year.


About the Scholarship

"The Emma Goldman Scholarship recognizes students whose achievements embody the ethics, values, and accomplishments of the famous Lithuanian-born feminist activist and intellectual Emma Goldman. Goldman, a close associate of the Russian geographer Pyotr Kropotkin, has inspired generations of women, feminists, and geographers throughout the world with her numerous scholarly and activist works. This scholarship honors her and her legacy by supporting and promoting gender equity, critical thinking, and academic achievement among students in the department."


  • To be eligible as an Emma Goldman Scholar, UMD students will:
  • Be a full-time undergraduate student in good academic standing
  • Have ESG as a declared major
  • Have a demonstrated commitment to values, ethics, politics and scholarship that matches those of Emma Goldman
  • Demonstrated support for women, women’s issues, and feminist academic and intellectual principles.

The collegiate unit will use this scholarship to promote a diverse student body. In accordance with the donor's wishes, a plus factor is to be given to female students majoring in ESG. If a qualified woman cannot be identified, others majoring in ESG who have demonstrated support for women, women's issues, and feminist academic and intellectual principles are to be considered.

Scholarship Limits

Scholarships will be $500 per academic year. This scholarship may be renewable.


Nominations may come from faculty, staff, students, or individuals unaffiliated with the University. Self-nominations are allowed. Nominations are due no later than November 1, each year with a complete package of evidence of the candidate’s academic standing.

Evidence of Academic Standing

The nominees must submit one copy of the complete package of the following documents:

  • unofficial transcript,
  • three letters of support,
  • samples of coursework, which can be a term paper or any other written reviews or commentaries submitted in previous classes
  • a personal statement no less that 500 words


About the Scholarship

UMD alumnus Jeffrey S. Carlson and Roberta L. Carlson created the Carlson/Amys Family Scholarship in 2007 to benefit students pursuing degrees in the CAHSS and the LSBE. The family decided to start this scholarship because they realize the value of education and wish to help graduating students from Hermantown High School that attend UMD. There hope is that the future success of the students awarded this scholarship will allow them to someday give something back to their own community.

Scholarship Guidelines

The Carlson/Amys Family Scholarship will provide scholarships to undergraduate students pursuing degrees in CAHSS and LSBE. Funds permitting, scholarships should be a minimum of $500 per student per year.

The department chair, or their designee, will be responsible for the identification and selection of the Carlson/Amys Family scholar(s). This process will be at the direction and under the guidance of the CAHSS Dean.

Candidate(s) for the UMD Carlson/Amys Family Scholarship will be identified and selected by the Committee for Awards, Recognition, and Excellence under the guidance and direction of the LSBE Dean.

The UMD Office of Admissions will assist in the identification of eligible candidates when necessary.

To be eligible, applicants:

  • Must be full time students at UMD
  • Must have a GPA of 2.5 or higher

The Carlson and Amys families are from Hermantown, MN. It is a preference recipients are graduates of Hermantown High School entering UMD.

Preference will be given to students intending to graduate from UMD.

Preference will be given to students from CAHSS intending to major in ESG.

Preference will be given to students from the LSBE intending to major in Business Administration, Organizational Management, Finance and Management Information Studies.

The donors request they be allowed to review scholarship recommendations to ascertain selection criteria have been followed.

In addition, there are several campus-wide opportunities for scholarships. Information on these scholarships can be found on the UMD Admissions Office.