About INTS

International Studies (INTS) is multidisciplinary, and INTS courses may be found in the fields of anthropology, communication, criminology, history, languages, political science, sociology and many more.

INTS courses focus on global issues and are distinguished by, and must address three factors:

  1. the interaction of cultures or ideas from varying international perspectives;
  2. the issues between and/or among countries; and
  3. the current implications of the subject.

For example, a course focused on the history of India, Indian culture, or Indian politics would not fit the requirements of an International Studies course unless the course also examined the impact of India’s history on its modern stance regarding international nuclear power; how Indian culture explains its stance on international human rights; or how Indian politics gives rise to its foreign policy.

HONORS: To graduate with honors, students will need a GPA of 3.6 and above.