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INTS Major Requirements

INTS Major: UMD Catalog

INTS Minor Requirements

INTS Minor: UMD Catalog

Minors must complete the INTS Minor Elective Form and bring or email it to the INTS Program Director for approval. Include class titles for all the courses on your form in your email.

Remember that you might find courses that are not on the official list - Please see Upper-Division Elective Options on this page. Courses not on the official Major Electives List will need approval from the Program Director. You may also choose some 2000-level courses. Please email or have course descriptions available for all courses not on the official list that you think might fit INTS requirements. These courses may include Study Abroad classes.



INTS Upper-Division Elective Options

Courses meeting upper-division International Studies (INTS) elective requirements are  found in most CAHSS departments and across the University, in addition to short and long-term study abroad offerings.

INTS courses focus on global issues and must meet two criteria:

  1. Focus on a current international issue/problem/event; and
  2. Include the interactions of several international sociopolitical and cultural perspectives.

Courses meeting INTS upper-division elective requirements go beyond the official list, which are the options listed under the major requirements in the course catalog linked above. See the INTS Director if you find a class you think fits the INTS requirements.


To graduate with honors, students will need a minimum GPA of 3.6 


UMD Alta Marie Oben Scholarship

  • This scholarship will provide payments to full-time undergraduate students in the collegiate unit according to the following guidelines: Preference will be given to students majoring in political science or international relations, a plus factor will be given to female students, if that class is under represented at the time of the award, students must demonstrate financial need and high academic achievement.

CAHSS & UMD Scholarships

Program Learning Outcomes

PLO 1: Learners will identify international perspectives and issues based on political, cultural, geographical, and historical differences.

PLO 2a: Learners will effectively write about the complexity of international theories and issues.

PLO 2b: Learners will effectively speak about the complexity of international theories and issues.

PLO 3: Learners will apply appropriate techniques to investigate international studies applied research problems, both locally and internationally.