World Languages & Cultures - Living & Learning Community

Join the World Languages and Cultures Living and Learning Community! We’re a community of first-year students who:

  • Live together in a special section of the residence hall
  • Learn together by taking some courses together, while still having space in our schedule to explore individual interests
  • Explore together with exclusive extra-curricular activities geared towards interests in languages and cultures
  • Students who join us will gain language skills in Chinese, French, German, or Spanish and will learn how to be creative problem-solvers of grand challenges through the exciting field of Cultural Entrepreneurship.
Students gathered around a table outside

Who can be a part of the WLC Living & Learning Community?  
Students from any major across campus are welcome, including undeclared students and students with declared majors/minors in the Dept. of World Languages and Cultures.

Must I already know another language?  
We welcome students from all levels, including students with significant experience and with little to no previous experience. The only prerequisite is openness and curiosity.

Course Requirements

Fall 2024Spring 2025

Language course [OCL] - 4 cr

(Chinese, French, German, Spanish)

UST 1000 - UMD seminar - 1 cr World 

Lang 1000 - World Cultures, Cuisine, and Cinema - 1 credit

+ 6-9 credits for your major, minor, or UMD Liberal Education Program

Language course - 4 cr.

Lang 1095 - Special Topics in World Languages and Cultures - 1 cr

+ 7-10 credits for your major, minor, or UMD Liberal Education Program


Why the WLC - LLC? 

  • Move-in early! Participate in special welcome events and meet your community.  
  • From day one, you will be tapped into a community of language and culture learners all while pursuing your individual academic interests! 
  • Learn about the creative economy and cultivate a creative mindset around global issues.
    Student moving into dorm room with the help of her parents
  • Whether you are new to a language or have previous experience, all levels are welcomed to join.
  • The immersive experience is a welcoming and friendly atmosphere. You can thrive and advance your goals toward literacy and proficiency in Chinese, French, German, or Spanish! 
  • Create lasting friendships and cultivate mentor relationships with faculty members in WLC who want to help you become successful, empathetic, and curious global citizens.
  • Participate in extracurricular events and study groups, open only to WLC - LLC participants, in English and in world languages. Cooking, film nights, conversation hours, exercise classes, and more! 
  • Network with WLC alumni. Get career advice, be part of a mentoring community, and more!
  • Explore a variety of study abroad opportunities.
  • Fulfill several liberal education program requirements.

Email [email protected] for more information.