English Internship Opportunities

English Internship Opportunities

English majors are encouraged to do an internship as part of their education at UMD. Such work “in the field” has many potential benefits, including:

  • It gives you hands-on work experience before you enter—or as you’re entering—the job market.
  • It helps you figure out what you want to do—or what you don’t want to do!—after college.
  • It strengthens practical job skills that don’t necessarily get much exercise in college.
  • It builds your resume, strengthens your references, and enlarges your network of contacts within an employment field you may decide to enter.

Through internships, English students often discover how much they already know and how many useful skills they have already acquired, even in areas that are not obvious career choices for them. They also learn what they can do to become more competent and competitive in the employment field they hope to enter.

English students intern in a variety of positions, from publishing to public relations, and engage in numerous activities, from writing to research to event planning and more.

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Click here to view Eligibility Requirements and information on Planning Your Internship. Then read about Successfully Completing Your Internship, view information on compiling your Internship Application Packet, learn about the Reflective Activity Assignments, and hear from Current & Past Interns about their internship experiences.

Download Placement Agreement, Midterm Evaluation Form, or Final Evaluation Form.

Internship Coordinator:  Evan Brier