Senior Project


Senior Project

The Senior Project (course IS 3093) is the capstone of the I.S. Major's course of study. It should provide evidence of integration of knowledge and skills derived from courses in different disciplines. The I.S. Committee and the I.S. Director do not require that the Course of Study proposal specify the nature of the Senior Project at the time of application; the Project ordinarily develops from course work, from discussions with the advisor, and from the special interests of, and opportunities for, the student.

The norm for a Senior Project is 2-4 credits. Ordinarily this will represent an academic paper of 15-30 pages in length with a full bibliography. However, there can be many variations from the norm. Some Senior Projects have been internships, others have been portfolios or exhibits while others have been field studies. The more credits a student registers for, the more involved the senior project. It is recommended that the upper end of the credit limit is for projects that take the student off-campus for a substantial part of an academic term (internship, tour, archival research, etc.).

Regardless of the nature of the Senior Project, it should always include these two components:

  1. A bibliography of relevant library resources demonstrating general knowledge of the topic, and
  2. A written paper, report, journal, self-analysis, etc.

A copy of the Senior Project must be filed with the Director of Interdisciplinary Studies, Dr. Jeanine Weekes Schroer.