Eligibility & Planning

Eligibility Requirements

To be eligible for an internship you must

  • be an undergraduate English Major (B.A.) who has completed 60 hours of course work (you will register for ENGL 4097)

Planning Your Internship

Plan Ahead: 
Set up your internship several months in advance of when you want to start it. For instance, if you wish to do an internship during spring semester, you should start the process by mid-October. It can take time to arrange a good internship. 

Planning Steps:

  1. First, check the Eligibility Requirements above to make sure you will be eligible to do an internship when you want to. 
  2. Then browse through our Internship Sites to see what appeals to you. Do not contact internship providers directly at this point; the Internship Coordinator will assist you in deciding which internships sites may be most suitable for you. 
  3. Review the procedures for Obtaining Your Internship and Successfully Completing Your Internship, so you understand what’s involved in this for-credit experience. 
  4. Next, contact the Internship Coordinator to set up an initial meeting. At the same time, you should start pulling together materials for your Internship Application Packet.
  5. Meet with the Internship Coordinator to determine which site(s) you will apply to; acquire copies of the Placement Agreement, Midterm Evaluation Form, and Final Evaluation Form, to include in your Internship Application Packet.
  6. Submit a copy of your completed Internship Application Packet to the Internship Coordinator; prepare additional copies to take with you when you interview with the prospective internship providers. 

Internship Coordinator, Evan Brier