American Indian Studies B.A.

The American Indian Studies major is designed to give students a broad background while allowing students the flexibility to select courses that fit their interests.  Majors develop vital skills in analytical and critical thinking, as well as verbal and written communication.  They acquire knowledge of historical and contemporary American Indian experiences, cultures, and (inter)governmental affairs. 

Graduates are prepared for careers in a variety of professional fields, including: social services, for-profit and not-for-profit organizations, tribal, local, state or federal government, criminal and social justice fields, tribal economic development as well as business and management.  

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For detailed degree requirement information, consult the AIS major's catalog listing.
American Indian Studies B.A. Program Learning Outcomes:
Through this program students will develop the capacity to successfully...
  • summarize and analyze American Indian governance, sovereignty, and related law and policy emanating from tribal, settler, and international frameworks.
  • articulate interdisciplinary appreciation of American Indian arts and literatures as expressions of American Indian culture, history, language, politics, and worldviews.
  • explain the role of Native languages and cultures at the foundation of American Indian societies and worldviews.
  • communicate through effective writing and interactive dialogue.
  • trace the the past, present, and futures of American Indian peoples and of American Indian studies as a scholarly and professional terrain with broad applicability and relevance.