Internship Application Packet

In creating this packet, you are building a portfolio that you may tailor for any internship or job application you may prepare now or in the future; once you have decided which internship to apply for, you should customize your portfolio so that it is appropriate to the particular position you seek.

A copy of this Application Packet must also be placed on file with the Internship Coordinator Evan Brier, before you contact potential internship providers.

The Application Packet must include, at minimum:

  • A letter of application (designed either for a specific internship or as an all-purpose application letter, to be later customized for each position you seek)
  • A copy of your current UMD transcript (unofficial is ok)
  • A copy of your current resume, with the names and contact information of three people who have agreed to serve as references
  • A list of learning objectives
  • Samples of your work

If you need advice about putting this Application Packet together, please contact the Internship Coordinator. Your advisor may also be able to help you with the letter of application.

Learning Objectives

As part of the Application Packet, students prepare a list of learning objectives and expectations for their internship. As you identify your personal goals and expectations, please keep in mind the following course objectives established by the department for our internship program.

  • Internships provide English students with opportunities to apply and strengthen practical abilities they have developed at UMD, particularly those emphasized in their major and related areas of academic interests.
  • Internships provide English students with a chance to forge links between their academic interests and the world of work and community. A major objective for the internship experience is to foster the pubic engagement of students in ways that are meaningfully connected to their academic interests and to their career goals, whenever possible.
  • Internships contribute to English students’ personal growth by strengthening and clarifying work-related values such as ethical leadership, fair-mindedness, and integrity. Internships also help to develop self-awareness, self-confidence, self-management, maturity, initiative, and ability to work with others.

Samples of Your Work

Your Application Packet should include at least one example of your writing, plus any other samples of work that is evidence of your abilities, particularly as they relate to the desired internship position. Examples include links or url addresses for web sites you’ve created; printed publications you have produced; photographs, illustrations, or other artwork that you have done; reviews or other evaluations of performances, etc.