Facilities, Equipment, & Rates

New Equipment!

  • Artec EVA 3D Scanner
  • OptiTrack portable Motion Capture
  • Oculus Rift Virtual Reality system
  • HTC Vive 360 Virtual Reality system
  • HTC Vive Pro Eyes Virtual Reality system
  • GoPro 360
  • Insta360 Pro Spherical VR 8K
  • Panasonic-PT-RZ970U 10,000-Lumen WUXGA DLP Large Venue Projector with standard and short throw lenses
  • Wearable Sensing DSI 24 Dry Electrode EEG Headset and System
  • Tobii Pro Lab Shimmer GSR (galvanic skin response) sensor and eye tracker

Our 360 videos showcase the beauty of Duluth. Captured with the 360 camera, these videos can be explored on YouTube, passive VR, and other research opportunities yet to be thought of.


MMAD Lab/Motion Capture Space

  • 12 camera T-series Vicon motion capture system with Bonita video camera
  • Approximately 600 square feet of capture space
  • Nexus, Blade, Tracker and Polygon software
  • 9 AMTI force plates
  • Motion Capture Suits and balls for additional object tracking
Student dressed in motion capture suit in the MMAD Lab
Associate Professor of Theatre Rebecca Katz Harwood dressed in motion capture suit in the MMAD Lab

MMAD Lab/3 Camera Video Production Studio

  • Sound ProductionChromakey area and infinity wall (12' 5" x 13')
  • Studio area 27' 10.5" x 12' 5" with ETC LED studio lights, three Panasonic video cameras on tripods with dollies
  • Directors box with Tricaster switcher, ETC light board, audio mixer, Prompterpeople Teleprompters, Apple editing station, and changing room
  • Wenger SoundLok isolation room with Virtual Acoustic Environment
  • Audio mixer
  • Fold-out cabin scene with window and props

Viz Lab

  • Video and still cameras, and light kits available for Faculty checkout
  • Hewlett Packard Designjet Z6200 large format printer
  • Epson Stylus Pro 9800 large format printer
  • Epson Expression 10000 XL scanner
  • Brainstorming and design production space
  • Gallery windows for passive exhibition presentations
Faculty and students working in the Viz Lab
Faculty and students working in the Viz Lab


           MMAD Lab

  Internal External
Video with technician assistance $75/hr $125/hr
Creating VR applications and experimental, complex projects $100/hr $150/hr
Audio with technician assistance $30/hr $50/hr
Motion Capture $100/hr $300/hr


             VIZ Lab        

  Internal External
Graphic design services      $50/hr $50/hr
Photography shoot studio*                                                         $25/hr $25/hr


* Shoot studio available to student groups or other University departments outside of CAHSS. Contact Professor Kristen Pless directly at [email protected] for more info.