Collaborating Classes

Encouraging Student Learning

The Viz Lab and MMAD Lab support a number of classes, with subjects ranging from digital media, filmmaking, photography, journalism, and music composition to mechanical engineering, biomechanics, Latin American culture, and marketing. The Labs give students an opportunity to work with a variety of professional equipment and studio space to create art and conduct research. This equipment includes a directors booth, Wenger SoundLok sound booth, a green screen, studio lighting, shoot studio (Viz Lab), and force plates that students will most likely use during their careers. 

Some Classes in Connection with MMAD Lab

Latin American Cinema & Culture 4017 - Spanish

Acting  for the Camera: Acting VII 4171 - Theatre

Introduction to Lighting & Sound 1501 - Theatre

Digital Storytelling 3401 - Journalism

3D Modeling and Animation 2014 - Art & Design

Design Techniques 2 - Graphic Design

Digital Filmmaking: Visual Narratives 2040 - Art & Design

Digital Filmmaking: Experimental Techniques 3040 - Art & Design

Digital Media in Art Education 3814 - Art Education

Emerging Media Design 3906 - Art & Design

Interactive Design 1, 2: 4908, 4909 - Graphic Design

Interactive Media - Art & Design

Photography 2600 - Art & Design

Marketing For Nonprofits - Marketing

Creating Art 1102 (Music & film; collaboration and composition) - Music

Opera Scenes (Film Noir/Opera Fatale) - Music/Art & Design

Ergonomics & Human Factors - Mechanical and Industrial Engineering

Human Biomechanics 3300 - Exercise Science