Technology Life-cycle Program

Technology Life-cycle Program

Since 2004, CAHSS has formally managed technology assets through an inventory and life-cycle replacement program. This program was developed to improve overall reliability and efficiency, standardize support and lower overall technology costs for the College. The CAHSS life-cycle asset management program has become a standard model for other units.

Life-cycle Program Features

  • Four year life-cycle on laptop packages are negotiated with vendors to include assurances in the one-time purchase cost.
  • Includes full on-site warranty support and service through ITSS Tech Center at no additional cost to CAHSS
  • The warranty also includes four year accidental damage replacement insurance.
  • For Apple and other vendor products (i.e. Mac Books, iPads, tablets) 3rd party insurance provides four-year on-site support

Eligibility for Faculty and Staff:

  • All CAHSS staff are included in the life-cycle program
  • All 66% time faculty and instructors are included
  • Any instructors and TAs teaching below 66% time will be provided with technology resources prioritized by need and availability of resources
  • Faculty who have start-up funds will be initially expected to purchase technology for teaching (laptop) and then are included in this program thereafter

Integration with UMD Bookstore Computer Corner and ITSS Tech Center to provide UMD-based services and support:

  • This provides convenience and supports our own campus service organizations
  • Planned and group purchasing lowers overall price from vendors and enables additional standard features and benefits


  • CAHSS technology purchased through the life-cycle program is derive from student fees, and according to Board of Regents policy are therefore limited to enhancement of teaching or educational experience, and can not be used solely for the support of research or service technology. That being said, the majority of faculty members are able to use their life-cycle laptop for research also. Computer enhancements and upgrades are also available when the cost difference is provided by faculty research funds, grants, or other funds.
  • Technology for programs, initiatives and pilots that have been approved by the Technology Advisory Committee which have a student participatory component, or directly benefit and contribute to the CAHSS student educational experience may be included in the life-cycle program.

End of life-cycle actions

  • At the end of the four-year life-cycle, assets need to be returned to the Technology Program for data cleansing and proper security procedures
  • Technology assets that have been phased out of the life-cycle program are disposed of through official UMN recycling and salvage programs