Department of World Languages & Cultures Scholarships




Note: This link will take you to the CAHSS scholarship page, with further information about how to apply through One-Stop. Make sure you choose the 2023-2024 World Languages and Cultures scholarship application.

If you are a double-major and your primary major is not in CAHSS, it is possible that the system will not let you login to apply.  If this is the case, please click on the link below and submit the alternate application to WLC by email ([email protected]) by no later than 11:59 pm, Friday, March 3rd.   

CLICK HERE for alternate application ONLY if you are unable to apply through One-Stop. 

With your application, you will need to submit an essay of approximately 750 words in the language being studied addressing the following questions:

Tell us about yourself:

  • How long have you been studying the language?
  • How did you become interested in the language and culture?
  • How do you engage with the language outside of class? (read, watch movies, speak with friends, family or coworkers, etc.)
  • What does studying a language mean for your personal and professional development?
  • How will this scholarship contribute to your education and future plans?

Tell us about your study abroad plans: (if applicable)

  • In what study abroad program do you plan to participate? (Country, term, length - for example: Valparaiso, Chile, spring 2024, full semester)
  • Why are you interested in this particular study abroad experience?
  • What classes do you expect to take?
  • What other experiences do you expect to have while abroad?

Applications will be judged based on the following criteria:

1)    Whether or not the applicant meets the requirements of the particular scholarship
2)    The content of the essay (completeness, level of detail, demonstration of commitment to language and study abroad) and the quality of the language (comprehensibility, accuracy, style)
3)    The applicant’s academic record

The essay is to be the applicant’s own work entirely. Applicants may discuss the content with anyone they wish, but may not have any part of the essay reviewed or adjusted by anyone.



The Alayne and Charles Berkins Scholarship serves undergraduate Liberal Arts students with declared majors in Spanish Studies/Hispanic Studies, Latin American Studies, German Studies or French Studies in the Department of World Languages and Cultures at UMD.

This scholarship is to be used for tuition, books, fees and/or other related educational expenses while attending UMD.  The scholarship will be awarded to one to three students for use in the junior or senior year and it will be based on a) scholastic merit and b) need.  This scholarship will be at least $2,000 split between Fall 2023 and Spring 2024.  The student must have a 3.0 GPA in his/her language program courses and a 2.75 GPA overall, at the time of application and during the time of the scholarship. The award will be contingent upon the required GPAs being maintained after Spring grades have been posted. Students may receive this award up to two times.

The application for the Berkins Scholarship must include a copy of the student’s FAFSA and financial aid award notice. You may also include a statement describing your financial need.


The Department of World Languages and Cultures at UMD strongly encourages students to take advantage of opportunities to travel, study and immerse themselves in a culture where the language is spoken. By doing so, they expand not only their language skills, but their cultural competence and their world view. Generous donors have provided scholarships to help make this possible and WLC invites all students who plan to study abroad to apply for these scholarships. To be eligible, you must study in a program approved by the University.


A. The Angela Marinelli Scholarship is for declared majors in French Studies, Spanish Studies/Hispanic Studies or Latin American Studies. The Marinelli award carries a stipend of at least $1,500 and requires that a student spend at least six weeks in a country where the language being studied is the native language. This award is for use during the student's Junior or Senior year.  One to three people are awarded this scholarship.

B.  The Frances A. Knobloch Scholarship is for declared majors or minors of French Studies, German Studies, Chinese Area Studies, Latin American Studies and/or Spanish Studies/Hispanic Studies.  This award carries a stipend of $1,500.  This award requires that the language studied during the study abroad trip be the one of the official languages of that host country.  This award is for use during the student's Junior or Senior year. One to three people are awarded this scholarship.

C.  The Friends of Milan Kovacovic Scholarship is for declared majors or minors in French Studies.  This award carries a stipend of at least $1,500.  This award requires that a student spend at least 4 weeks in a French-speaking country. This award is for use during the student's Junior or Senior year.  One to two people are awarded this scholarship.


Students with a strong academic record are eligible to apply for these scholarships whether or not they are going abroad, although preference will be given when possible to those planning to study abroad in an approved program.

A.  The Jonathan B. Conant Scholarship is for declared majors or minors in German Studies, and carries a stipend of $1,500.  One person is awarded this scholarship. 

B. The Arnoldo and Neva Hax Scholarship in German Studies is for students enrolled in the College of Liberal Arts studying in the area of German Studies.  Preference may be given to those who have a declared major in German Studies or to those participating in approved study abroad programs related to German Studies.  Students must demonstrate academic merit. The award is $1,500 and will be given to one student.


  • Students who plan to study abroad should also contact the STUDY ABROAD office to learn about additional scholarships that may be available.
  • Students who participate in programs not-affiliated with the university must follow UMD processes in order to be eligible for credit and scholarships. Be sure to consult with the STUDY ABROAD office before committing to a program.
  • You should be aware that scholarships may be applied toward your existing financial aid package rather than increasing it. For more information about how scholarships may affect your financial aid, click here.
  • Not all scholarships listed are awarded every year, and this list is subject to change at any time. The number of scholarship awards and amounts may vary based on donor guidelines, eligibility of applicants, and available funds.


This scholarship from the U.S. State Department aims to make study abroad more affordable for students with limited financial means. Students who receive Pell Grants may be eligible to apply. See the website for details.