Assessment and Learning Outcomes

Journalism B.A. Program Outcomes:

The Journalism program at UMD strives to provide students a path of study that begins with core skills and ways of thinking critically about mass media, and then asks students to design an area of specialization that is further developed in real-world application.

  1. Demonstrate how the journalistic approach to problem solving and storytelling can produce locally engaged, globally competent citizens.
  2. Demonstrate competence in a core set of journalistic crafts in reporting, research and storytelling that show versatility across media.
  3. Express a critical understanding of the contextual factors that shape the media message in a diverse, globalized media landscape.
  4. Produce journalistic work that showcases an area of specialization that draws on the creativity and entrepreneurial spirit of the student.
  5. Demonstrate a problem-solving approach to the practice of journalism that will give the student the confidence to remain adaptable to an ever-fluctuation media landscape.
  6. Produce a portfolio of work that demonstrates work produced in a professional media setting.


The Journalism program has a routine assessment schedule with several classes having been the specific focus of semester-long assessment efforts. We will continue to assess our program and our classes using the established routine set out in the Communication Department. The Journalism program will continue to use a portfolio system both in class and in the program overall to evaluate student work and assess our six learning outcomes.

AY Assessments

2017-2018 assessment

2016-2017 assessment

(Prior year assessments conducted when Journalism program was part of the Department of Writing Studies.)