Being Undeclared

Being undeclared in college allows you to explore your interests to find the major that truly fits. You can take classes, talk to students and professors, and join clubs to explore your options. Some research even suggests students might be better off if they are undeclared. Some students do not feel as though they have enough information about the academic programs to make a decision, others do not know their own strengths and limitations, and others simply can't choose between different options.

If you have a competitive concentration in mind, but would like to use the first year of college to build a strong GPA, being an undeclared major is a likely choice. This is a particularly good idea if you currently are inadmissible to your desired program.

Being Supported

Being Ready

When you are ready to declare your major, visit the Declare My Major site

OR....if you are ready to declare a major outside of our collegiate unit, visit the collegiate unit offering the major. If you need assistance finding a particular program, ask your professional advisor or a faculty member.