Study Abroad With Us

Study Abroad Opportunities!

Almost every year our faculty lead short-term study abroad programs to incredible locations around the world! 

Program Highlights - COMM/GEOG 3800, 4 cr

INDIA - Community Empowerment in South Asia

  • Examine theories of social change at the Indian Social Institute, which is dedicated to empowering marginalized people in India
  • Interact and learn from local communities involved in activism and advocacy efforts at the grassroots level
  • Explore historical and cultural locations including the temples at Belur and Halebid and the Nrityagram Dance Village

Program Highlights - COMM/HIST 3575, 4 cr

POLAND - Jews & Poles: Entangled Lives

  • Life of the Shtetl: Separation and Assimilation
  • Discrimination and Citizenship
  • Jewish contributions to culture, society, and economy
  • Jew, Ukrainians, and Poles: A Complicated Relationship
  • The Holocaust: Ghettos and Extermination
  • Jewish Life in Poland Today