German Studies

German Studies Program

German Studies prepares you to be a global citizen. Language is central to learning, communication, communities, and cultures. In interdisciplinary courses, you will study literature, film, art, music, history, politics, performance, and new media. Through our active, student-centered classes, you will develop the skills to speak, read, and write in German, while also growing your capacity for critical and creative thinking, oral and written communication skills, digital literacy, and intercultural competence. We encourage students to explore their interests through exciting combinations with second majors and minors - your major in German Studies opens unique opportunities for you in education, business, politics, STEM fields, non-governmental organizations, and the arts. UMD German Studies offers short and long-term study abroad opportunities in Potsdam/Berlin and Passau, small class sizes, committed advisors, individualized attention, and dynamic faculty.

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Photo credit: Wachau, Österreich by Alex Gruber