Assessment & Learning Outcomes

Learning Outcomes

The Department of Communication is committed to pursuing 6 primary learning outcomes, in its instruction and development of students as scholars, professionals, and people. Those outcomes are:

  1. Demonstrate clear, critical, and creative thinking in response to communication;
  2. In a variety of settings, express ideas in messages that are coherent, persuasive, and ethical;
  3. Analyze and evaluate verbal and nonverbal messages in differing social, political, and/or cultural contexts in order to assess their effectiveness;
  4. Demonstrate comprehension of significant issues in the history, theory, and/or criticism of human communication;
  5. Engage in communication inquiry;
  6. Utilize communication to embrace difference.

These learning outcomes are critical influencers on all of our curricula, and help shape all of the courses offered by our department.  

Department of Communication, Annual Assessment Reports: