Honors, Awards & Scholarships

Departmental Honors

Honors Requirements:
• Candidates must be philosophy majors with a 3.30 GPA in the major.
• Students complete PHIL 5991 and write a substantial paper or significantly rewrite a paper submitted for another philosophy course.
• Students must notify the department head of their intent to participate in the honors program by the end of the first week of the semester of graduation.
• The paper must be approved by a faculty member at least 30 days before the end of the term.
• The paper is presented orally in a department colloquium with the approved manuscript submitted to the department head at least one week before presentation.

Contact the department head for more information.

In 2016-2017 we had two students complete honor's theses:  Adrian Quilling completed his thesis work on February 17 and graduated with honors.  Trevor Winger completed his thesis work on April 24 and will graduate with honors.

Poster depecting hobbes is face floating ghost-like in a black and grey globe. Poster advertising honors thesis defense by Trevor Winger called "Obscenity Games" with cartoon images of men of different races talking where the speech bubble of one of the men is wrapped around the shoulders of the other all on a blue background.


Awards and Scholarships

The philosophy program is supported by several scholarships and awards directed specifically at philosophy majors and minors: The Ehlers Scholarship, the Ehler's Book Award, and the Center for Ethics and Public Policy Book Prize.

2017-2018 Philosophy Scholarship Recipients

Picture of four students starting on the left with a smiling woman with short hair, a smiling woman with long hair, a smiling man who is clean shaven, a smiling man with a beard and mustache.

From left to right: Autumn Soli is a winner of three scholarships including the philosophy program's Evans Mayo Scholarship, Cherrylee Fraser is the winner of the Ehlers Book Award, Trevor Winger is the winner of the Ehlers Scholarship and the Ehlers Book Award, and Camren Hopkins is the winner of the Center for Ethics and Public Policy Essay Award.  (Joy Parker is not pictured but also won the Ehlers Scholarship.) 

2017-2018 Philosophy Scholarship Recipients

Philosophy Scholarship Recipients

The Ehlers Prizes

The Ehlers Scholarship was established from gifts by family, friends and colleagues of the late Henry Ehlers, founder of the Philosophy program in 1947. This scholarship is for a full-time undergraduate philosophy student in good academic standing and based on potential, need and character. Recent Winners include: Nicole Anderson (2014), Daniel Norgard (2013), Alethea Tusher (2012), and Alex Estee (2011).

The Ehlers Book Award provides textbooks needed for philosophy courses taken by the recipients over the following year. Awards are made to continuing philosophy students based on their grades in philosophy courses.

Center For Ethics and Public Policy Book Prize

The Philosophy program's Center for Ethics and Public Policy (CEPP) also recently established the Center for Ethics and Public Policy Book Prize, an essay contest which awarded $250 (in textbook reimbursement) to the winner. The competing essays all concerned a topic that is under the purview of the Center's mission -- ethics and/or public policy (e.g., proportional representation, animal rights, amnesty for illegal immigrants, euthanasia, energy policy, etc.).