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A Story of Holocaust Survival

On November 2nd, 2023, BK hosted 2nd Generation Holocaust Survivor, Ron Schwarz. Schwarz shared the story of his father and grandparents, who survived the Holocaust by fleeing Germany. 



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Reckonings, Reparations, Restoration: Racialized Violence & Collective Responsibility: What is Owed?

In a follow-up to the screening of Reckonings, BKHCC hosted a panel event on February 23rd featuring Carl Crawford, Dr. Sheer Ganor, Dr. Joanne Itami, and Tadd Johnson esq. The panel discussed the idea of reparations across different people groups. The panel can be found online here.


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Reckonings Film Screening

On February 1st, 2023, the Baeumler Kaplan committee hosted a screening of the film Reckonings. The movie featured a story about the aftermath of the Holocaust when German and Jewish leaders meet in secret to grapple with the first reparations in history. Following the film a discussion was led by Committee Chair Natalie Belsky.