Current & Past Interns

Current & Past Interns


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Dan Turner, X-communications intern

My internship took me out of the classroom and introduced me to book publishing. Thanks to my experience I am now adept at uncovering historical information, compiling research on a topic from various sources, then synthesizing the data into a format which is useful in the writing process. I also gained a lot of experience by compiling a comprehensive bibliography of my research sources and many sources used by another researcher. Overall, the internship gave me practice using skills that will be helpful after I graduate and expanded abilities that I had learned at UMD, making me career-ready. 


Brenna Oelke

Brenna Oelfke, Litwin Books intern

So far my experience as an intern with Litwin Books has been very beneficial to me. The majority of my internship has been over email so it has been very convenient to be able to work on projects whenever I had the time to do it. My main responsibility has been proofreading different books with subjects ranging from various articles of a student academic journal to library instruction to hate speech on the internet. Since I really enjoy proofreading this has been perfect for me. This internship has given me a more in-depth perspective on the various aspects of the publishing process, which will be very helpful in my future career as an editor.

Mylii Pukema

Mylii G. Pukema, X-Communications intern

The most important thing I learned from my internship is what knowledge can be gained from practice. This internship was invaluable to my growth as a professional and as an individual. I learned a great deal about time management and working independently. I gained important experience with useful computer software programs, and benefitted from the ability to apply what I learned and work through challenges in the design process. I am far from well versed in all of the intricacies of book publication, but this internship gave me a much valued view into a world with a great deal to teach.