Tribal-State Relations Training

Tribal-State Relations Training logo. State of Minnesota with turtle. Turtle shell is the colors of the traditional medicine wheel; white, red, yellow, and black.

Tribal-State Relations Training

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Minnesota is home to 11 sovereign tribal nations, which collectively represent the sixth largest employer in the state and the majority of the state’s 61,000 American Indians. As required by Laws of Minnesota, 1st Spec. Sess. chapter 14, article 11, section 5 (PDF), Minnesota Tribal-State Relations Training (TSRT) prepares state agency employees with the knowledge and tools to consult with tribes on matters of mutual interest. Participants learn departmental expectations and ways to promote state-tribal agreements.

The mission of the TSRT is to provide training and education for Minnesota state employees about American Indian tribal governments, histories, cultures, and traditions in order to empower state employees to work effectively with American Indians, and promote authentic and respectful relationships between state agencies and American Indian tribes.

This training is for MN State Agencies and Departments only. TSRT is made possible by a partnership between the Minnesota Department of Transportation and UMD and is endorsed by the Minnesota Indian Affairs council.

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