Visual Culture Lecture Series

Visual Culture Lecture Series 2022–2023

All events are free and open to the public

Tuesday October 18, 2022 | JUNKO AGAWA | Drawing | 6pm in Solon Campus Ctr 120

headshot of Junko Ogawa
Junko Ogawa

Junko Ogawa was born and raised in Tokyo, Japan. She received her PhD in Biological and Environmental Science at Saitama University, was a postdoctoral fellow at the Sanford Burnham Prebys research institute and then at the Salk Institute both in La Jolla California. She rose through the ranks at the Salk Institute where she worked on glioblastoma brain cancers and eventually becoming a Senior Research Scientist working on squid and cuttlefish reflectin proteins, the SARS COV2 coronaviruses and microscopy technology

Tuesday October 25, 2022 | Timothy Goodman | Graphic Design | 6pm on Zoom

Timothy Goodman
Timothy Goodman

Timothy Goodman's art and words have populated walls, buildings, packaging, cars, people, shoes, clothing, book jackets, magazine covers and galleries all over the world. His clients include Google, Samsung, Uniqlo, Target, MoMA, Airbnb, Netflix, The New Yorker and The New York Times. He has received awards from most major design & illustration publications. He’s the co-creator of several personal projects including the blog and book 40 Days of Dating (whose film rights were optioned to Warner Bros), 12 Kinds of Kindness, Build Kindness Not Walls, People of Craft, and Friends With Secrets. He is also the author of Sharpie Art Workshop. Recently, he launched a global collection of clothing with Uniqlo, and products with West Elm. He teaches at SVA in NYC and talks about his feelings on Instagram.

Tuesday November 15, 2022 | ELIZABETH HUMPHREY | Tweed Museum of Art | 6pm on zoom

headshot of Elizabeth Humphrey
Elizabeth Humphrey

I use material culture and objects to study acculturation, representation, and North America's diverse histories. As an artist and scholar, my experiences contribute to a greater understanding of and appreciation for art, craftsmanship, and design. My research often focuses on North America in a globalized context, specifically non-Euro American art histories and material culture.

I received my B.A. in Art History and Visual Arts from Bowdoin College and my M.A. in American Material Culture from the Winterthur Program at the University of Delaware. Professional  experiences include the Bowdoin College Museum of Art, the National Museum of African American History and Culture, the Hirshhorn Museum, and the Winterthur Museum. I am currently a Ph.D. student in Art History at the University of Delaware.

Tuesday March 14, 2023 | KEVIN SNIPES | Ceramics | 6pm in Solon Campus Center 120

Headshot of Kevin Snipes