Medical Arts and Sciences Plan

Medical Arts and Sciences Plan

Interested in Medicine? Dentistry? Occupational Therapy? Optometry? Pharmacy? Physical Therapy? Physician's Assistant? Veterinary Medicine? Integrative, naturopathic, or non-western medicine? Health writing? Consider this program for your journey!

This track is for students who plan to enter medical school or a health-related career after graduation but want to pursue coursework with a heavier liberal arts emphasis than the traditional 'pre-med' trajectory. Within the track, students can design a curriculum to suit their individual interests. Examples include Holistic Health, Food Politics, and Midwifery.

Students preparing for a professional program in health sciences (medical, nursing, pharmacy, etc.) should include common program prerequisites in their curriculum.  The rest of the curriculum can be designed to support your individual interests and goals.  

The following list of health-related liberal arts courses are examples you can consider as you work with faculty advisors to design a program of study.  Keep in mind that some courses have prerequisites, which should be included in your program of study and listed on your application. Sometimes prerequisites can be waived by the instructor or department for I.S. majors; in that case, get permission in writing from the instructor and include that with your application.

  • AAAS 3201 – The African American Family (4 cr)
  • AMIN 2015 – Ojibwe History and Culture (3 cr)
  • ANTH 1602 – Biological Anthropology and Archaeology (4 cr)
  • ANTH 4640 – Medical Anthropology (4 cr)
  • ANTH 4655 – Forensic Anthropology (4 cr)
  • ANTH 3080 – Cultural Constructions of the Body (4 cr)
  • ANTH 3888 – Anthropology of Food (3 cr)
  • ANTH 4623 – Anthropology and Contemporary Human Problems (3 cr)
  • ANTH 4985 – Critical Animal Studies (4 cr)
  • COMM 3400 – Health Communication (3 cr)
  • COMM 3405 – Health Campaigns (3 cr)
  • COMM 3470 – Interpersonal Communication and Heath Outcomes (3 cr)
  • COMM 3535 – Mass Media Addiction (3 cr)
  • FORS 4100 / HLTH 4100 – History of Health in Italy (3 cr)
  • CRIM 3350 – Psychopathology and Crime (3 cr)
  • CRIM 4305 – Mentally Ill Offenders in the Criminal Justice System (3 cr)
  • CRIM 4384 – Child Abuse and Child Protection in Minnesota (3 cr)
  • ES 3100 – Sustainable Food Systems (3 cr)
  • PHIL 1025 – Introduction to Cognitive Science (3 cr)
  • PHIL 3222 - Medical Ethics (4 cr)
  • PHIL 3570 – Philosophy of Psychology (4 cr)
  • PHIL 2021 – Science and Pseudo-Science (3 cr)
  • POL 3430 – Global Health Politics (3 cr)
  • SOC 4370 – Sociology of Mental Health and Illness (3 cr)
  • SOC 3306 – Deviance (3 cr)
  • SOC 4925 – Sociology of Rape (3 cr)
  • SOC 4985 – Critical Animal Studies (4 cr)
  • WS 3600 – Ecofeminism: Theories and Sustainable Practices (3 cr)
  • WS 3775 – Gender, Globalization and Food (3 cr)


Students interested in integrative health may wish to pursue coursework through the Earl E. Bakken Center for Spirituality and Healing.

Students must declare this track of the major before completing 70 credits with a cumulative GPA of 2.50. For help choosing faculty advisors, designing your program, or through the formal application process.

Short-term Study Abroad Program

Women's Health Policy in Germany, Netherlands, Czech Republic -
Study Abroad Brochure

Program Highlights - IS 3180, 3 cr (offered periodically)

  • Compare and contrast the disparities in women’s health between the U.S. and three EU countries, Germany, the Netherlands, and the Czech Republic,
  • Compare and contrast economic policies impacting women (e.g., maternity leave policies, housing policies, food availability) in the U.S. and three EU countries
  • Describe the broad historical and cultural contexts for women’s healthcare with a look at public health initiatives that promote women’s health.
  • Describe sexuality education programs for youth in each country and how those inform sexual health services and beliefs.