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INTS Graduates are Big Thinkers Ready for Real World Challenges

Words to describe analytical thinking

Adaptability: Intellectual flexibility necessary in our dynamic world

Analytical Thinking: Ability to reason, question, and analyze issues in situational, political, historical, geographical and cultural contexts


Communication: Ability to communicate and convey thoughts effectively with different audiences, using different means of communication, including verbal, written, & presentation

Curiosity & Creativity: Ability to identify and critique constraints and assumptions and develop innovative solutions

Emotional intelligence: Ability to identify and regulate one's emotions and understand the emotions the others

Global Literacy: Knowledge of how the world is organized and interconnected

International Literacy: Understanding the world as multicultural with specific and subtle differences among individuals and cultures resulting in the ability to work with people from diverse and international backgrounds

Integrative Thinking: Ability to synthesize and interpret learning and knowledge from a range of sources

Logical Thinking: Sequential thought process leading to a conclusion

Leadership & Persuasion

Problem Solving & Research: Ability to diagnose and solve complex situations and challenges through research, analysis, interpretation, and data assessment

Career Opportunties

Below are only some of the employment opportunities for those who have earned an International Studies BA.

List of Job Opportunities

According to Ziprecruiter as of Nov 1, 2022, the average base salary for those with a BA in International Studies is $64,486 with optional additional pay of $19,939 (glassdoor estimation as of December 2021), adding to an average total of $84,425.00.

Additional pay includes cash bonuses, commission, tips, and profit sharing, among others.