Students graduating with a BA in International Studies will have the following capabilities:

  1. Discipline Specific Knowledge and Skills

Graduates will take with them the intellectual development, depth and breadth of scholarly knowledge and understanding that will make them competent and confident in their chosen professions.

Graduates will be able to articulate core concepts of International Studies, adapt discipline-specific knowledge to novel situations, and contribute multi-disciplinary solution to problems.

  1. Critical, Analytical and Integrative Thinking

Graduates will be capable of reasoning, questioning, and analyzing international issues and will be able to integrate and synthesize learning and knowledge from a range of sources.

Graduates should be able to identify and critique constraints and assumptions and to think independently and systematically about global issues as well as issues that arise within their professions.

  1. Problem Solving and Research Capability

Graduates will learn how to research, analyze, interpret, and assess data and information in various forms; to draw connections across fields of knowledge; and to relate their knowledge to complex situations at work or in the world.  As such, graduates should be able to diagnose and solve a myriad of problems.

We seek to develop in our students the ability to communicate and convey their views in forms effective with different audiences.  Graduates should have the capability to read, listen, question, gather, and to evaluate and convey their knowledge across varying formats.

  1. Creative and Innovative Engaged Global Citizens

Graduates should be capable of creative thinking and creating knowledge.  They should be imaginative and open to experience and capable of innovation by applying their critical and creative thinking to global events.

Graduates will be engaged with the challenges of contemporary society and with varying knowledge and ideas.  Graduates will have a level of international literacy.

  1. Commitment to Continuous Learning

We hope to stimulate enquiring minds to lead graduates to have a lifelong love of the pursuit of knowledge and learning that will give students a continuing advantage throughout their lives and in their careers.