Percussion Studio Seminar & Lessons

University of Minnesota Duluth
High School Percussion Seminar
Saturday, January 28, 2023

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Come spend a percussion-filled day with the UMD percussion faculty, students, and amazing guest artist, Garrett Arney!

Participants in the seminar will engage in hands-on clinics covering a wide range of topics including snare drum, keyboard percussion, timpani, world percussion, and more! Students will also rehearse to prepare a special piece for the evening concert.

Featured in the evening concert will be YOU, Garrett Arney, UMD Percussion Instructor Henry Eichman, and the UMD Percussion Ensemble.

High School Band Directors - we are requesting you nominate any of your enthusiastic percussionists to attend the seminar. Plus, we would love to see you here too!

Registrations are now OPEN for this year’s seminar. Cost is $30 per student.
Please bring payments on the day of the event. 

Make checks payable to:  UMD Percussion


Seminar Schedule Overview
8:30am Check-in
9-12pm Clinics and rehearsals
12-1pm Lunch on your own*
1-5pm Clinics and rehearsals
5-6pm Evening Concert - free and open to the public

*Dining is available on campus, nearby off campus, or students may bring a lunch

All communication will be done electronically - please contact Henry Eichman for more information or to nominate a student.

Dr. Henry Eichman
[email protected]
Learn more about Henry Eichman
Learn more about Garrett Arney
Learn more about the percussion program at UMD


Henry Eichman

Learn more about Henry Eichman and the Percussion Program at UMD

Complimentary percussion lessons are always available!

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We look forward to meeting you at your complimentary lesson and our percussion seminar!