Student Research

Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program

Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program (UROP) is a funding opportunity intended to support undergraduate research by supplying modest financial backing to subsidize research time and expenses. UROPs are funded twice yearly by UM central administration. Visit the UROP site for more information and deadlines. Students within our collegiate unit should direct all questions to Dr. Jefferson Campbell, Associate Dean.

Students are welcome to contact a UROP coordinator in their collegiate unit.

Archive of previous funded research: UMD Undergraduate Research Archive.

Student Research


Anishinaabeg Plant Issues and Contemporary Issues - Kate Hagsten


Cultural Entrepreneurship

Food Business Enterprise Center - Emma Kesler (NEW)


Fighting to Love, How Intimate Partner Violence Affects College Students - Nile Sky Hammelman

Environment, Sustainability and Geography

Demographic Sentiments Towards Development on Park Point - Ahnika Hesbjerg

Hispanic Studies, Latin American Studies and Spanish Studies

Exploring Precious Metal Mining in Peru through Film - Madison Sachs


The Wider Context and Meaning of Toleration during the era of the Quebec Act of 1774 - Joshua Lytle (NEW)


A Corpus Analysis of Semantic Networks for English Prepositions - Andrew Buntrock


From URL to IRL: How TERFs Expose the Singularity of the Internet and Real Life - Aprill Emig

Political Science

Correcting Vaccine Misinformation: Overcoming Ego Defense in Vaccine Messaging - Christopher Wagner