Specific Requirements for the Emphasis in Publishing and Print Culture

The M.A. in English with Emphasis on Publishing and Print Culture Studies provides both practical training in publishing and scholarly background in the field of print culture studies. The following are requirements in addition to those common to all four of the program emphases.

Two Seminars (as of Fall 2018)

Students in the Publishing and Print Culture Emphasis will complete two 8000-level seminars beyond the required ENGL 8906 (ENGL 8171, ENGL 8181, ENGL 8191, WRIT 8500, or others with approval), which are normally offered only in spring semesters.  (Only 1 Seminar is required for student entering the program before Fall 2018.)  For this emphasis, WRIT 8902 cannot be counted toward this requirement.

Six Hours in a Related Field

Within the required total of 31 credits, students must complete at least 6 credits in a related field or fields. Related field courses may be at the 4000, 5000, or 8000 level and must be offered for graduate credit. 

Language Requirement

The candidate is required to have a reading knowledge of one of the following languages: French, German, Greek, Italian, Latin, Russian, or Spanish. A language not on this list may be chosen by students who can show its relevance to their degree program; a computer language may also be used to satisfy the requirement. No candidate may satisfy this requirement with English. Under certain circumstances the requirement may be waived for foreign students.

Other Course Requirements

As part of the 27 credits in the major required by the Publishing and Print Culture Emphasis, students must complete courses in literature, publishing practice, and print culture studies, distributed as follows:

2 courses in Print Culture Studies, selected from the following [8 cr]:

  • ENGL 5661: Publishing the Middle Ages (4 cr) 
  • ENGL 5662: The Making of a Major Author (4 cr)
  • ENGL 5663: Readers and Book History (4 cr) 
  • ENGL 5664: Small Presses, Little Magazines, and Modernism (4 cr)

2-3 courses in Publishing Practice, selected from the following [6-9 cr]:

  • WRIT 5220: Document Design and Graphics (3 cr)
  • WRIT 5222: Electronic Publication (4 cr)
  • WRIT 5230: Web Design and Digital Culture (3 cr)
  • WRIT 5260: Visual Rhetoric and Culture (3 cr)
  • WRIT 5250: New Media Writing (3 cr)
  • WRIT 5290: Advanced Web Design and Digital Culture (3 cr)
  • WRIT 5610: Discourse Analysis and Editing (3 cr)

1 elective 5000- or 8000-level course with an ENGL, LING, or WRIT prefix (3-4 cr)

Comprehensive Examination

Under the supervision of an examining committee, the candidate will be given a 2-day, 6-hour written examination on:

  1. A text to be selected and approved at least four weeks before the examination (2 hours).
  2. A list of 25-30 works to be chosen and approved at least four weeks before the examination (3 hours).
  3. The related field(s) (1 hour).

For details, see The Comprehensive Exam for the MA in English: The Publishing and Print Culture Emphasis.