Program Emphases

Students in the English M.A. program select an emphasis that best suits their interests and professional objectives. Select the emphasis below for more information on requirements specific to that emphasis:

Literary Studies Emphasis

This emphasis provides students with an opportunity for graduate study concentrated in the field of literature. Students who select this emphasis take graduate seminars in critical theory and in American, British, and World Anglophone literatures and cultures, as well as more specifically focused courses such as Shakespeare, the Irish Literary Revival, and the American Literary Marketplace.

Literature, Language, and Culture Emphasis

This emphasis provides coverage and development in diverse fields of literary, language and cultural studies, with an emphasis on comparative analysis of diverse discourses.

Publishing & Print Culture Emphasis

This emphasis provides both practiced training in publishing and scholarly background in the field of print culture studies. Courses offered regularly in this emphasis include Reading & the History of Books; Small Presses, Little Magazines & Modernism; New Media Writing; Internships; and Web Design and Digital Culture.

Writing Studies Emphasis

This emphasis provides concentrated study of the practice and pedagogy of writing, and scholarly background in the history and theory of writing.

Creative Writing Emphasis

This emphasis provides practice in the craft of creative writing as well as advanced study of contemporary literature and the historical and material contexts of creative writing.