Rose Ingebrigtsen - Segovia, Spain

Rose Ingebrigtsen - Segovia, Spain
Rose Ingebrigtsen - Segovia, Spain

Rose Ingebrigtsen

IE University in Segovia, Spain

What’s your major?

My major is International Studies and my minor is German.

Where are you studying?

I am studying at IE University in Segovia, Spain which is two hours northwest of Madrid.

How long will you be abroad?

I am studying abroad for the fall semester.

What type of courses are you taking?

I am taking mostly psychology and communications courses. 

What is your favorite memory from your study abroad experience?

I was able to go kayaking with my school during the first week, which was so, much fun. For one of my communications classes we were able to go to one of Spain's biggest news stations and we got to see how they produce the talk shows and news, and we were able to see Spain's version of Wheel of Fortune (La Ruleta de la Suerte) which was super interesting to see. Last weekend I went to a Holi Color Run in Madrid with IE's running club, which was so cool to be able to do! This weekend, I am travelling to Marrkech, Morocco and the weekend after that I travel to Porto, Portugal and I am sure that those will be highlights of my study abroad experience as well.

What would you say to someone considering studying abroad?

Absolutely do it. 

What is/was your favorite local landmark?

There is an ancient roman aqueduct that runs through the center of Segovia. It is so beautiful and one of my favorite parts about Segovia. There is also a giant cathedral and a castle in Segovia, making it feel like I am living in a fairy tale.

What are your living accommodations?

I live in an apartment with five other students. There are two guys from Switzerland, a girl from Australia and we all go to IE together. There are also two Spanish students that go to a different university.

What is your greatest challenge while being abroad?

My greatest challenge is being able to communicate with the locals in Spanish and not spending all of my money all at once.

What skills have you acquired abroad?

I have gained empathy with foreigners and I am more confident in travelling by myself.

Has study abroad influenced your academic/career path?

It has opened my eyes to the possibility of working abroad once I graduate. 

What were questions you were asked by local residents?

"Are the parties in your university really like they are depicted in movies?"