Brianna Reuter – Waikato, New Zealand

Brianna Reuter – Waikato, New Zealand
Brianna Reuter – Waikato, New Zealand

Brianna Reuter
New Zealand

What is your major?

Where did you study abroad, through what program/course, and how long were you there?
I went to New Zealand through UMD’s partnership with the University of Waikato. I was there for a total of 7 months, studied for 4 and travelled for 3.

What did your course consist of doing?
I took mainly psychology classes in New Zealand, earning credit towards my minor.

What is your favorite memory from your study abroad experience?
Meeting so many great people from all over the world and realizing how similar everyone can be. Also, travelling in general was amazing. New Zealand is an incredibly beautiful country.

What would you say to someone considering studying abroad?
I think everyone should take the chance to study abroad, it’s a really eye opening experience so I would tell anyone considering it to “just go for it!” It’s one decision that you probably won’t regret.

Has study abroad influenced your academic/career path?
Not directly but it has made worldly career opportunities come to the forefront of my brain. Study abroad for me was more of a personal life experience than academic but the cultural knowledge I’ve gained will stay with me throughout my career decisions.