Andrew Erickson: Rotterdam, Netherlands

Andrew Erickson Rotterdam Netherlands
Andrew Erickson Rotterdam Netherlands

Andrew Erickson
Rotterdam, Netherlands

What’s your major?
History & Teaching Social Studies with a minor in Hispanic Studies 

Where are you studying?
Erasmus University in Rotterdam, Netherlands

What type of courses are you taking?
Migrations, Citizenship and Identity in Global history/ Emerging Economies and Global Labor/ Capitalism and Inequality/ Urban History: Rotterdam in a Global perspective

What was your most memorable experience?
So far the most memorable experience at this point has been going to Waterloo. Seeing that area, and where that battle took place was just so cool. It was awe inspiring to think that such a pivotal moment in world history took place right there.

What is/was your favorite local landmark?
So far it a tossup, either the Palace in Stockholm or the Mound of the Lion at Waterloo.

I am writing a blog about my time in Europe if people want to follow along and see what's going with my trip in the future. is the blog. I have also been to Helsinki and Närpes in Finland. Amsterdam, Rotterdam, and the Hague in the Netherlands.