Kongmeng Vang - Chengdu, China

Kongmeng Vang - Chengdu, China
Kongmeng Vang - Chengdu, China

Kongmeng Vang

Sichuan University, Chengdu, China

What’s your major?

Environmental Science/International Studies

Where are you studying?

Sichuan University, Chengdu, China

How long will you be abroad?

1 year

What type of courses are you taking?

I am taking Chinese language courses and Chinese history.

What is your favorite memory from your study abroad experience?

So far, my favorite memory is from traveling to a small town in the southwest part of this province called Yading. There I met many locals including many Tibetans and also saw their way of life. (Shown in the photos)

What would you say to someone considering studying abroad?

Just do it. I would never trade this experience for anything else even if I won't be graduating on time.

What is/was your favorite local landmark?

My favorite landmark here in Chengdu is Wenshu Temple. Here, you can see monks dressed in robes going about their daily lives and sometimes even hear their chanting in the chanting halls. The temple is open to everyone; so many come to pay their respects. (Shown in photos)

What are your living accommodations?

I live on campus in the Overseas Student Dormitories. The dorms are in bad shape, but nothing I can't get used to especially the price. 

What is your greatest challenge while being abroad?

The greatest challenge is not thinking about my friends back at UMD. The more I think about them, the more I want to come back. 

What skills have you acquired abroad?

While abroad, I have been getting really good at using sign language to explain to the locals what I want.

Has study abroad influenced your academic/career path?

Studying abroad is affecting my career path because I won't be graduating for a few more semesters after I return, but it is all worth it.

What were questions you were asked by local residents?

The most common question I get is the question for directions. This is because I blend in pretty well. Once I open my mouth to tell them that I don't know where it is, they'll know instantly that I'm not a local or Chinese. They will then ask where I'm from and then if I'm an ABC (American Born Chinese). Which I will in turn tell them I am Hmong American.