Amanda Avery: Salamanca, Spain

Amanda Avery: Salamanca, Spain
Amanda Avery: Salamanca, Spain

Amanda Avery
Salamanca, Spain

What's your major?

Where did you go? 
Salamanca, Toledo, Andalucia, Madrid, Zamora, and Leon 

How long were you abroad? 
4 wks. 

How did you choose the program you went on?
I chose it to earn credits for my major. 

What type of courses did you take?
I took a language class, culture, conversation, and music class. 

What did your program consist of doing?
We went on excursions to the above mentioned cities, we visited many cathedrals and a few castles in Leon and Granada. 

Do you keep in contact with anyone from your study abroad experience?
A couple kids I talk to on facebook. 

What would you say to someone considering studying abroad?
Bring enough spending money, be responsible and safe and aware of your surroundings, pass all your classes and have fun responsibly. 

Outside of class what did you enjoy most?
Having dinner with the group at a small restaurant in Salamanca. 

What was your favorite local landmark?
The cathedral in Salamanca. 

What were your living accommodations?
I lived with a host family. 

What was your greatest challenge?
Learning to speak as fluently as the natives there in Spain. Trying to understand everything that they were saying. 

What skills did you acquire abroad?
I learned how to be aware of potential predators and to stick up for myself. I learned how to adjust to a new culture.