Lisa Horton

Photo of Lisa Horton
Professional Title
Assistant Professor, English Graduate Faculty

Lisa Horton grew up in northern Minnesota and attended her first year of university at Itasca Community College. She took her BA in English from Northwestern College (now the University of Northwestern, St. Paul). For nine years she worked in corporate America and freelanced in theatrical stage management, then moved to Duluth to get her MA degree from UMD. After several years working on her PhD in Michigan, she returned to UMD to teach. Her interests include science fiction, detective fiction, theater, folk music, and historical reenactment.


PhD, Western Michigan University, 2013

Courses Taught

WRIT 1120: College Writing
WRIT 2506: Introduction to Writing Studies
WRIT 3100: Advanced Writing: Language and Literature
WRIT 3110: Advanced Writing: Art and Letters
WRIT 3140: Advanced Writing: Education and Human Service Professions
ENGL 1001: Great American Authors
ENGL 1535: King Arthur
ENGL 1666: Tales of Terror
ENGL 3501: British Literature I
ENGL 3906: Methods of Literary Study
ENGL 5222: Shakespeare
ENGL 5661: Publishing the Middle Ages
ENGL 5821: History of the English Language

Research Interests

Dr. Horton has published or presented at academic conferences in the following subjects, among others:

Old English, Middle English, History of Science, Medieval Rhetoric, Manuscript Studies, Chaucer, Renaissance Literature, Dante, Shakespeare, History of the Theater, Victorian Literature, Detective Fiction, Cultural Studies, Fan Studies, Medievalism, Remix Theory