Kristofer Johnson

Professional Title

I am fairly new to the Academy, but not necessarily to the field of Geographic Information Science (GIS). I have held GIS positions in a variety of organizations: private consulting, non-profits, universities, and research centers. I have a background or training in a variety of skill sets: database administration, network administration, web development, programming, UAVs (drones), and cartography.  My primary area of research is web mapping and web-based visualizations and spatial operations.

Research Keywords: GIS; Databases; Web Mapping; Demographics; Trains

Courses Taught

GIS 2552: Mapping our World
GIS 3563: Geographic Information Science I: Theory and Analysis
GIS 3564: Geographic Information Science II; Applied GIS
GIS 3580: Earth Imagery
GIS 4533: Distributed GIServices: Mobile and Web-based Solutions