Kendra Carlson

Kendra Carlson
Professional Title

Kendra is an Instructor of Writing.  Her research interests include Young Adult and Children's Literature, how invisibilia and narrative shape human behavior, and Theatre. Since moving to Duluth, Kendra has worked with many theatre companies in various capacities, from Front of House and development, to acting, directing, and stage management. She is the Production Manager of Take It With You live radio theatre, on the boards of Renegade Theater Company and Zeitgeist Center for Arts and Community, and a founding member of the Zenith City Browncoats.


Bachelor of Science, Winona State University, Communication Arts and Literature, 2005.
Master of Arts, University of Minnesota, English Studies, 2009.  

Courses Taught

WRIT 1120: College Writing
WRIT 3140: Advanced Writing for Human Service Professionals
WRIT 3110: Advanced Writing: Arts & Letters
WRIT 3160: Advanced Writing for the Social Sciences