Dr. Scott Vollum

Professional Title
Department Head & Associate Professor of Criminology & Sociology

Scott Vollum is Associate Professor and Department Head in UMD's Department of Studies in Justice, Culture, & Social Change. His primary areas of academic interest and research are violence, the death penalty, restorative justice, media and crime, and moral disengagement. He is currently working on a variety of research projects including an evaluation of a restorative justice program for domestic violence offenders, an examination of death penalty attitudes and the impact of wrongful convictions in capital cases, and a qualitative study of people who kill.  He is author of the book Last Words and The Death Penalty: Voices of the Condemned and Their Co-Victims and co-author of the book The Death Penalty: Constitutional Issues, Commentaries and Case Briefs. His previous research has been published in a variety of scholarly journals, his most recent ("Gender Politics and The Walking Dead: Gendered Violence and the Reestablishment of Patriarchy") in the journal Feminist Criminology. He lives in Duluth with his son Kai and their dogs Milo & Cooper.

Areas of Focus
  • Violence
  • Death Penalty
  • Criminological Theory
  • Moral Disengagement
  • Restorative Justice