Dr. Qiang Fang

Professional Title
Professor of History

Qiang Fang got his Ph.D in Modern Chinese history and 20th Century US history from the State University of New York at Buffalo in 2006. His research focuses on Chinese legal and political history. He has authored and edited several books and numerous articles in both English and Chinese. At UMD, Qiang Fang mainly teaches courses on law, politics, and culture of modern East Asia, Sino-US Diplomatic history, and a survey course of Modern World History.

Selected Publications:

1. (Primary Author) Power Versus Law in Modern China: Cities, Courts, and the Communist Party (Kentucky: University Press of Kentucky, 2017)

2. Co-Edited with Yang Zhuo, Oumei xuezhe yanjiu zhongguo falushi  lunwen xuanyi [Selected Articles of Chinese Legal History by Western Scholars] (In Chinese, Beijing: Law Press, 2017).

3. Zhongguo shangfang zhidu shihua (1100BCE-1949) [A Short History of Chinese Petition] (in Chinese, Beijing: China Youth Press, 2013)

4. Co-Editor (with Professor Xiaobing Li), Modern Chinese Legal Reform: New Perspectives (Kentucky: University Press of Kentucky, 2013)

5. Chinese Complaint Systems: Natural Resistance (U.K: Routledge, 2013)

Courses Offered:

HIST 1400: Modern World History (from 1500)

HIST 2405: History of Chinese Culture

HIST 2410: Modern East Asia

HIST 3463: History of Modern China

HIST 3464: History of Modern Japan

HIST 3465: Twentieth Century China Politics