Dr. Craig Stroupe

portrait of craig stroupe standing by a sign that reads "changed priorities ahead"
Professional Title
Creative Writing Certificate Program Coordinator, Associate Professor, English Graduate Faculty

Craig Stroupe teaches and writes about information design as an associate professor. He is also currently serving as Director of Graduate Studies for the English MA Program. He came to UMD in 2001 from San José, California where, for two years, he was the Associate Director of San José State University's Online Campus. From 1992 to 1999, he taught American at Kansas State University, where he also served as Director of Computers, Literature and Rhetoric.


He earned a Ph.D. in American literature from Florida State University in 1994, where he also received an MA in creative writing and edited the literary magazine Sundog: The Southeast Review.

Teaching Interests

He has American literature, fiction writing, and digital composition, as well as a variety of writing courses.

Courses Taught

WRIT 4250/5250: New Media Writing
WRIT 4260/5260: Visual Rhetoric and Culture
WRIT 1506: Literacy, Technology, and Society
WRIT 4230/5230: Web Design and Digital Culture
ENGL 5270: Digital Lit, Games & Culture


He has published in the journals College EnglishComputers and CompositionPedagogy, and several book collections.