Cecilia Ramon

Professional Title
Assistant Professor

I am a visual artist, teacher and meditation practitioner. Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, I was raised under the dictatorship. I studied visual arts in Buenos Aires, but emigrated due to the violence I witnessed during the “Dirty War.” Today, following a ten-year immigration process, I live in the United States, where I teach at the University of Minnesota Duluth in the Art Department. I teach foundational courses: 2D-Design, 3D-Design, Drawing, and Multiculturalism in Contemporary Art.

My studio practice involves collaborative work with artists and across disciplines. I create installations, site-specific work and participatory drawings. Two main concern are threaded throughout my work: the lack of control at the core of our existence and our immersion in the world of nature. I use mainly three materials: wood, thread and paper. Each of these materials offer in their own way a metaphor of the human body and the body of the earth, fragile and strong, subject to gravity and change, allows me to explore visually the body/mind continuum.