UMD Theatre professor sets world premiere of new play

Mark Stanfield's Two of Us opens September 13 in the UK. The play dramatizes a last conversation between Paul McCartney and John Lennon.

Two of Us will be performed between September 13-21 as a World Premiere at the Watford Palace Theatre, with a transfer to HOME, Manchester, and then a National Tour in 2025.  

Mark has worked as a professional screenwriter and playwright.  Mark says that "In the classroom, I try to create the conditions that allow for discovery (on the part of the students, of course, and maybe for me, too).  Outside the classroom, my interests and activities include music, writing and film."  At UMD, we are lucky that Mark teaches courses like:

  • WRIT 3110: Advanced Writing: Arts and Letters
  • WRIT 1120: College Writing
  • ENGL 1907: Introduction to Literature
  • TH 3851: Screenwriting
  • TH 2851: Film History
  • TH 1053: Film and Society
  • TH 1051: Intro to Film
More information about the play can be found at the Watford Palace Theatre site:
More information about Mark and the programs in which he teaches can be found at
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