Writing Studies Alum Wins Grants to Help the Healers

When Alexis Sininger took WRIT 2400, Languages of Advertising, it was the start of what would eventually become a career.  

Students in that class worked on integrated marketing campaigns for Wilderness Health Minnesota, a network of independent hospitals in northeastern Minnesota.  Their projects imagined communicating the value of telehealth to doctors and patients alike in rural areas.

Shortly after graduation, Wilderness Health offered Alexis a job.  Now, she’s administrative secretary – but her BA in political science and her minor in professional writing have prepared her for the next phase in her work – grant writing and reporting.  Alexis recently helped to craft a winning proposal for a federal grants to support mental healthcare across the region.

According to Alexis,

"Healthcare has always been a passion of mine. I am happy my degree can be used to assist the medical facilities of the north shore in their grant and marketing needs."

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