Susan Perala-Dewey

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Professional Title

As a writing coach, I am interested in helping students see writing as a lifelong journey of growth and as a tool for social action. Some current areas of interest in my classroom are exploring empathy, advocacy, and action in promoting a more compassionate and civically involved community. Students often connect their writing projects to community engaged learning and in service of narrowing social equality gaps on many fronts. As a practitioner of critical pedagogy, I continually experiment with unique approaches to teaching and learning. As our department College in the Schools Liaison, I mentor, share, support, and learn from some of the best high school teachers of writing in the region.


MA, English/Writing Studies, University of Minnesota Duluth, 2003
BA, Philosophy, University of Minnesota Duluth, 1992

Courses Taught

WRIT 1120: College Writing
WRIT 3121: Advanced Writing: Businesses & Organizations
WRIT 3140: Advanced Writing: Human Service Professions
WRIT 3160: Advanced Writing: Social Science Professions