Kristin Riker-Coleman

Professional Title
Assistant Professor

I am a geologist with advanced training in hydrogeology, geochemistry, and paleoclimatology. My projects have centered around three broad themes: characterization of watersheds before and during suburbanization, radiogenic isotopic analysis of marine carbonate sediments, and pedagogic and intensive advising methodologies for recruitment and retention of women and students of color in STEM fields.

Research Keywords: Hydrology; Geochemistry; Paleoclimatology; STEM Education

Courses Taught

ES 1000: Global Cultural Perspectives on Environmental Sustainability
GEOG 1414: The Physical Geography
GEOG 3461: Geography of Global Resources
GEOG 3481: The Ecology of Cities
GEOG 4446: Water Processes and Management
GEOG 4451: The Geography of Soils