Jeanine Weekes Schroer

Portrait of smiling black woman wearing glasses and a green scarf.
Professional Title
Associate Department Head, Philosophy Chair, Associate Professor

Dr. Schroer is a philosopher of race and feminist theory and an Associate Professor of philosophy at UMD and currently Head of the Department of Geography & Philosophy.  Her teaching and research concern the ethics and politics of social oppression and its remedies, including, the metaphysics of race and racism; feminist ethics and social theory; and empirical and experimental philosophical approaches to racism, sexism, and ethics.  

Most of her projects endeavor to understand the complex interaction between social oppression and moral agency.  Her presentations and publications, thus, explore a range of loosely related topics:  how university sexual harassment policies might be improved by better conceptions of the relationship between the university and its students, faculty, and staff; the intersection of race, gender, racism, and sexism in perceptions of black women's marriageability; the future of feminism; and most recently, the pernicious way particular kinds of subverting discourse contribute to the oppression of vulnerable social groups.  

Most recently she co-edited the first philosophical volume on Microaggression -- Microagressions and Philosophy (with Lauren Freeman).  She has also published on narrative ethics in public discourse around racism and sexism, narrative ethics in scientific discourse around racism,  narrative ethics and politics around race and gender in philosophy, narrative constructions of personal identity, and experimental philosophy. She is currently working on a minor project on the  consequences of cognitive interruption for narrative conceptions of identity and three major projects:  A book exploring just how pervasive narratives of untrustworthiness are in the lives of black folk, a book exploring how the role of deception is agency, and a book trying to articulate a black feminist ethics. 

Schroer is also committed to support her community through volunteer work with the Junior League of Duluth, Program for Aid to Victims of Sexual Assault (PAVSA), and Black Liberation Lab (an organization dedicated to supporting Black folk of Duluth in struggle for self-definition, rich and meaningful lives, and transformative healing from white supremacy).  

Currently Teaching

  • PHIL 1008 Critical Thinking  MW @ 8am - 9:50am in ENG 280.

Courses Taught

  • PHIL 1001 Introduction to Philosophy
  • PHIL 1008 Critical Thinking
  • PHIL 2001 Existential Literature
  • PHIL 3025 Philosophy of Race and Racism
  • PHIL 3242 Values and Technology
  • PHIL 3245 Aesthetics
  • PHIL 3291 Social/Political Philosophy


  • Doctor of Philosophy, University of Illinois Chicago, Philosophy with concentration in Women and Gender Studies,
  • Master of Arts, University of Illinois Chicago, Philosophy
  • Bachelors of Philosophy, Miami University, Interdisciplinary Studies

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