Jean Farrell

Professional Title


M.A., University of Wisconsin-Superior

Personal Statement

I am originally from a large farm family in Eastern Iowa. My husband and I moved to the Rice Lake, WI, and we love it there. While raising our family I worked as a community health Social Worker. I received my Master’s in Speech Communicating Arts from UWS in 2000.

I love teaching, especially the introductory communications courses due to the broad range of students in the classes, and the variety of important topics explored in these courses.

In the Interpersonal Communication class, my goal is to spark intelligent discussions, analyze current communication behaviors, and learn/practice more effective, meaningful communication that will help the student intrapersonally, socially, and professionally. Critical Thinking is a vital part of our adult lives, and is encouraged in the classroom.

In Public Speaking, I help students become more comfortable and effective at an important skill that many find very challenging. I believe we must ‘use our minds, and exercise our voice’. And I remind students that we never know when our ‘voice’ will be heard: in 2002, the Duluth Channel 6 news came to my classroom (with full permission from all of course) and broadcast a student’s speech on the evening news!

In my community I am an active mentor for youth, and am also a mentor of 2 students with a national Mentoring Organization: Orphan Foundation of America. (A former student’s persuasive speech informed me of this wonderful organization, and obviously, she was effective!)


Award in Social Work: “14 years of Excellence in Dedication and Service.”

2012 CLA Outstanding Teaching Award

Courses Taught

COMM 1112 - Public Speaking
COMM 1222 - Interpersonal Communication