Dr. Jason Torkelson

Jason Torkelson
Professional Title
Assistant Professor of Sociology

Jason Torkelson is a Fargo native who received his Bachelor’s from the University of Minnesota Twin Cities and his PhD from Rutgers University. He is absolutely thrilled to be back home in the Midwest and at UMD!

Jason’s research has touched upon topics that pertain to identity, subculture, youth, deviance, the life course, adult transition, contemporary global culture, sexuality, gender, ethnicity, and race, among other things. In his dissertation he explored “ex-identity” and transitions from youth subcultures. In some of his current research he is investigating the ways folks from 1960’s countercultures now reflect upon their involvements from the 60’s, their lives since, and their look ahead to older age. In another project he is looking into racial ideologies and conceptions of civic inclusion held by different categories of whites in contemporary America. In his free time Jason enjoys playing music, golfing, curling, hiking, and road trips.

Areas of focus
  • Social Theory
  • Research Methods
  • Culture
  • Gender & Sexuality
  • Race & Ethnicity
  • Youth & The Life Course

For more on Jason Torkelson, visit his website.