A collection of College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences highlights and features from the academic year 2022–2023.

Instructor Kendra Carlson (Writing Studies) directed A Doll’s House: Part 2, a modern follow up to Henrik Ibsen’s A Doll’s House. Performances ran February 23–March 5, 2023 at the Zeitgeist Teatro Zuccone.

Alumnus Charlie Gardner (Graphic Design Studio ‘20) created
a successful clothing line and is posting work to Instagram.

Alumna Robin Kaiser-Schatzlein (Studio Art ‘11) published two articles in the New York Times.

As part of an internship in Spanish Studies with Dr. Jennifer Brady in World Languages and Cultures, Kaitlyn Koehler (Art History and Spanish Studies ‘22) curated an exhibit at the Tweed Museum of Art titled Divergence and Solidarity in which she highlighted three visual artists from Spanish-speaking communities.

Alumnus Alicia Kozlowski (History ‘09) was elected to the Minnesota House of Representatives for the 8B district. When they assumed office, Kozlowski became the first non-binary member of the Minnesota Legislature.

Alumnus Gerry Kulzer (Art Education ‘91, Industrial Technical Education ‘93) became the Minnesota State Fair’s new butter sculptor.

Dr. Scott Laderman (History) was awarded the Fulbright Distinguished Chair in American Studies at Sweden’s Uppsala University for the 2022–2023 academic year. While there, he researched Sweden’s place in the global antiwar movement—especially the Swedish government’s infuriation of Washington
through its outspoken public opposition to U.S. policy in Vietnam and the humanitarian sanctuary it offered to hundreds of American military deserters and draft evaders.

Instructor Brian Matuszak (Communication) and his wife, Sue, received an Arrowhead Regional Arts Council grant as well as a Minnesota State Arts Board grant to research artwork and artists in the Arrowhead Region of Minnesota that were part of the WPA’s Federal Art Project (1935–1943). They are now working on a book presenting their research.

Alumnus David McMillan (History and Economics ‘83) returned to UMD as interim chancellor and is expected to head the University until summer 2024.  

Dr. Dan Nolan (German Studies) was a 2022 recipient of the Award for Global Engagement. The award “is given to faculty and staff members in recognition of outstanding contributions to global education and international programs at the University or in their field or discipline.”

Alumnus Samuel Orosz (Art ‘14) started a printmaking MFA program at Pacific Northwest College of Art in the fall of 2022.

Alumnus Tony Reamer (Studio Art ‘19) had a solo show, Food for the Moon, in New York City in the fall of 2022.

Master of Music in Music Education graduate (‘22) Dylan Reed-Fuglestad co-published with Dr. David Edmund (Music) a paper titled “Music Teacher Burnout and Work-Life Balance: Perspectives from Minnesota” in the Minnesota Music Educators Association journal, The Interval

Dr. Justin Henry Rubin (Music) was asked to be the first classical composer for Yuggoth Records, a recording label based in Rhode Island that mostly publishes heavy metal. He signed a two-album contract; both albums feature people who have been guest musicians at UMD. 

Dr. Maureen Tobin Stanley (World Languages and Cultures) published Francoist Repression and Incarceration in Contemporary Spanish Culture: Justice through Memory (Palgrave Macmillan, 2022) as part of the Palgrave Studies in Cultural Heritage and Conflict series.

Department of American Indian Studies faculty Dr. Rebecca M. Webster and Dr. Joseph Bauerkemper recently edited the Tribal Administration Handbook: A Guide For Native Nations in the United States (Michigan State University Press, 2022). The concept, structure, content, and editorial approach for this handbook emerged through extensive tribal consultation, a thorough review of existing literature, and a survey of over 100 scholars and practitioners in the field. The handbook is designed as a readable, accessible volume focused on key areas of tribal administration and governance. It seeks to serve practitioners, students, researchers, and community members alike.

Dr. Janelle Wilson (Studies in Justice, Culture, and Social Change) was second author to Dr. Carmen M. Latterell (Mathematics) in an article published in the journal, Irish Educational Studies: “Mathematics, mindsets, and what it means to be do-ers of math.” Additionally, Wilson was invited to write an essay for Zócalo Public Square on the topic of ‘90s nostalgia: “Party Like It’s 1999, Again: What Gen Z’s Displaced Nostalgia for the Decade of Mixtapes, Friends, and Ripped Jeans Says About Us.”

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