Rikkia Walker: Luleå, Sweden

Rikkia Walker

Rikkia study in Sweden
Rikkia study in Sweden

What’s your major? Journalism with an English minor.

Where and what did you study? Luleå Tekniska Universitet (Lulea University of Technology) in Luleå, Sweden.  Courses included  Swedish for International Students, Swedish History, English for Professional Purposes, Professional Writing, and Team and Teamwork.

What was your most memorable experience? My most memorable experience was hiking up a hill in thigh-high snow with a 20 percent chance of visual northern lights. Once at the top of the hill, the stars were bright and a very visible streak of green appeared across the sky. It was the kind of beauty that makes you wonder how you've existed this long without it. It was the kind of beauty that makes you question your existence.

What would you say to someone considering study abroad? I would tell someone who was considering studying abroad to follow Nike's phrase and just do it. The hardest part is getting on the plane and after that, you will wonder why you ever questioned yourself.

Additional Advice: Sweden gave me something I never expected to get from it. It gave me hope. I met so many amazing people there from all over the world. I keep in contact with these people on a daily basis and they have assured me that I have always have a place to stay when I decide to visit and they are aware that they have a home in Minnesota.